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Feelings of anxiety when you leave the house empty is something that happened to every home owner. Especially when there are many valuable objects left inside the house. Usually the garage is the first place that thieves target. Because we know that the garage is a place to store the car and some home owners also use the garage as a place to store valuables they owned. Did you know that in the USA, almost every 25 minutes car theft occurred? Not only a new car but old cars also remain a target of thieves. Action wise enough if you begin to notice the right kind of garage door lock to protect your garage. Below I try to disclose the types of garage lock consideration for you.

Master Lock.

This lock is the traditional type. And are the most common type, and many on the market. Less expensive but still be effective for the garage lock.

master key lock

Electronic Door Lock.

This types are usually working with fingerprint recognition system. Homeowners should perform initial setting to introduce their fingerprints to the electronic system of the garage lock. Can also form a combination of numbers and magnetic cards, too. Because of the sophistication of electronic garage door lock, then this lock tend to be more expensive.

electronic safe lockT-Handle Lock.

Usually mounted on the door made of metal and placed right in the middle of the door. The way it works is by playing up to 180 degree to lock the two-leaf door.

t handle locksThe safest action is to install a home security system in your home. One example is to install security camera system in your home. And the most popular is a camera security wireless.


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